Museg – The Speaker That Allows You To Design The Perfect Surround Sound

Museg is a very interesting and great-looking speaker by designer Jake Naish. It has the shape of a guitar pick, which is enough for many music enthusiasts. However, what makes it special is not its minimalistic and attractive design. The special part is the triangular form, which is so different than the circular, cylindrical or squarish options we are all used to.


While the shape itself is interesting, something that is even more important is that Museg is modular and portable, allowing you to create your very own music setup.

If individually used, this is just a slim speaker. You can definitely use it as a solo option but you want to be aware of the fact that audio is thrown in a cone of 120 degrees. This means that you can combine it with another one and get a cone of 240 degrees. Then, add another one and you have a fully-immersive 360 degrees experience.

As you can see from the images below, the idea is to use the appropriate design based on where you will place the speakers. Then, you can combine as many speakers as you want since units can pair with each other if they are near enough. Just look at the speaker grille’s top and you instantly know if the speakers are synced.

With the Museg you can create so many setups that are practically only restricted by your imagination and available space. Just look at how slim the speakers are.