Buying A Wine Fridge – Things To Consider

how to choose a wine fridge

Maybe It Is Time To Buy A Wine Fridge

If this is your case, the first thing you will figure out is that there are many things that you have to think about. Just look at how many are available on Amazon. How do you choose?

We are sure you want to buy a great wine fridge (also known as wine coolers). With this in mind, your choice should be made based on the following factors.

Space And Size

The first thing you need to think about is where the wine cooler will be placed. There are countless sizes that are now available. Every single one takes some space, usually a lot more than what people expect.

Many consumers appreciate the features available in the larger wine coolers. This means you would normally need some space available. You might want to sacrifice some of your cabinet space for this but it might be worth it.


This is to be expected. A larger wine fridge that can hold many bottles is going to cost more money. If you have something that has really advanced technology, costs are higher.

Remember that the small models, the freestanding ones are under $300. The larger models go higher than $1,000.

Besides the initial investment you make to actually purchase the wine fridge, remember that there are also other related costs you have to remember, like energy use and shipping. A wine cooler is really heavy so delivery ends up costing a lot. There are venders that give you free shipping but not all have that option.


Just like with a regular fridge, a wine fridge can end up making a lot of noise. When you need something that is quieter, the thermoelectric wine cooler is what you need. However, this might not be a great choice for some because of costs. This is why it is so important to look at the reviews written by people that actually bought the fridges. They will talk about noise, especially if it is more than it should be.


The main purpose of the wine cooler is storage. Due to this, temperature needs to be of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the ideal serving temperatures vary a lot based on wine type and personal preference. Wine fridges have a specific temperature rate, usually between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to set the temperature you want.

Extra Tip: If you want to store both red and white wine, buy a wine fridge with dual-zone control. This allows setting different temperatures for different zones of the fridge, which is highly beneficial for different wine types.


You cannot add your new wine fridge anywhere and expect it to match. Such a cooler takes up a lot of real estate so it has to look really nice. There are many styles available, with some even including advanced LED lighting.

When aesthetics are really important for you (it is possible this is not the case, as when you put the wine cooler in an area that guests never actually visit), consider current interior design to see what works and what does not work. Many stylistic choices are available.

Special Features

While many possible special features can be mentioned, some that might be of particular interest for you are:

  • Humidity Control – This is a really important feature for those that are interested in long-term storage. It is not needed when you just keep the wine in the cooler for a little period of time but it is wonderful when aging your wine.
  • UV Ray Protection – As time passes, UV light helps the wine. This is why so many of the wine coolers you see are tinted. Only lights that do not emit UV rays should be considered, especially if placed in an area where it is exposed to natural light.
  • Digital Thermostat – Just a great feature to easily check cooler temperature.

Some Of The Best Wine Coolers

We also have to recommend some great wine coolers after talking about the most important factors to consider when you buy one. Just keep in mind that technology keeps evolving so you should conduct your own research. These are definitely some of the best wine fridges available for homeowners right now:

Used and new from $70.

Available for $160.

Starting at $160.

Starting at $300.