LLV House by FLV Arquitectura – Presenting Unevenness

The LLV House was built in Cordoba and covers 365 square meters. It is placed in a closed neighborhood and is surrounded by a great landscape. FLV Arquitectura was responsible for a project that had the peculiarity of being uneven. This was basically the starting point of the entire project for the house. It made the garage being arranged at the medium level, right under the street. The house was then arranged based on the ground floor.

The architects looked at the connection between the street and the levels and decided to choose ramps. One of them is meant to help with pedestrian access and the other helps with vehicular access.

There is a rectangular plan that was wrapped in a beautiful brick skin, all projected in a perfect way. Everything becomes permeable, allowing sun access.

The architects had 3 sectors put in. The private one is aimed towards the house’s façade. We then have a semi-private one that is in the middle and a public one that is visible in the bottom, offering views towards a garden.

Then, we have a large ramp that is accommodating the general house extension in order to generate leading income towards main environment. The large social space was chosen after taking into account all the space that was available.

Photographs: Gonzalo Viramonte