Coastal Bohemian Kitchens – Relaxed Style With Boho Vibes

Combining coastal aesthetics with bohemian elements creates a carefree style that’s relaxed yet effortlessly chic. Traditional bohemian decor often includes vibrant colors and bold patterns; this beachy version is more subtle and refined.

Get into the laid-back spirit by layering colorful pillows and blankets over low-profile furniture pieces such as rattan coffee tables. Additionally, incorporate woven wall hangings and natural greenery for an elevated effect.


Bohemian decor incorporates an eclectic and varied color palette, from soft blues to earthy tones like greens and browns – earthy tones can also be found in paint or rugs – while natural fibers such as jute or sisal are commonly seen in bohemian furniture, like classic rattan chairs or an area rug.

Bohemian kitchens often combine various colors and patterns, yet should always feel cohesive. For instance, this modern boho kitchen features navy shaker cabinets paired with brass hardware and tapware that combine beautifully with its woven pendant lights and rattan stool – as if in perfect harmony!

Coastal boho kitchens often incorporate plants and natural elements, from macrame wall hangings to salvaged wood furniture pieces. By including such elements into the space, coastal boho style creates a connection with nature while embodying its free-spirited lifestyle.


Key to coastal boho design is using texture to add visual interest in any room. Consider including materials like rattan furniture, jute accents and raw timbers for an inviting yet relaxed ambience. Layer soft fabrics on rugs for color and visual interest as well as fringe and tassels for flair!

As part of your beach boho style, there will also be decorative elements influenced by bohemian aesthetics, including animal skins and trinkets from travels. Mixing patterns and styles together as well as adding different textures via woven rugs or textiles are essential in creating a beach boho aesthetic.

As another easy way of creating the bohemian aesthetic, keeping a bit of “organized clutter” – such as shell jars or vase collections on your coffee table – around can add character. Collecting them on trays and baskets helps give them a cohesive appearance while contributing to that casual style so typical of boho design.


Bohemian decor includes plants as part of its relaxed and natural aesthetic, making their use in coastal boho kitchens even easier. Low maintenance options like pothos, fiddle leaf fig, succulents and aloe vera provide easy ways to add green touches in your kitchen design.

Wood is an essential element in coastal and bohemian designs, so incorporate it through wooden floors or shelves. Add additional organic elements such as woven baskets or macrame hangers for an organic touch.

Textural accents are another great way to give coastal boho flair. From jute stair runners and woven bedspreads, to coffee tables made of these materials – such as rattan pendant lighting in kitchens – these additions create layers in any bohemian home.


Though coastal boho kitchens typically use neutral tones, this style also welcomes natural elements that add depth and dimension. Warm metal tones such as gold or copper create the ideal ambiance, while textural wall decor like macrame wall hangings, custom pieces of furniture or driftwood add further texture.

Boho designs can feature bold color, patterns and earthy textures like the kitchen featured in Jungalow HQ; or it could take on more muted approaches like New Darlings’ yellow space.

Dabito brought bohemian styles into this small space by including elements like tribal rugs, nature-inspired art and geometric wallpaper into his design scheme. As a result, this modern-boho combination works beautifully. Additional decorative elements such as woven baskets and group of framed photos also serve to elevate this room.


Coastal bohemian kitchens typically incorporate carefully staged clutter for an informal feel, displaying collections of woven baskets or corralling small objects into a woven bowl for a relaxed vibe that fits with this style’s free-spirited approach to decorating.

Bohemian decor emphasizes nature’s beauty by incorporating elements from it. Display driftwood or seashells in decorative frames or craft macrame wall art that expresses your appreciation of ocean life to show how much you care.

Coastal bohemian decor can be an ideal solution for many homeowners. This relaxed style gives plenty of options when selecting furniture and accessories from thrift stores or flea markets, and with some creative thought you can add your favorite accents and personal touches into this design style to truly personalize it for yourself.