Bold Wallpaper Options For Bathroom Design

Bold wallpaper can add vibrancy to any bathroom space, whether used on one wall or throughout. When choosing designs that resist moisture build-up and mold growth, look out for moisture-resistant designs that won’t bubble or warp over time.

Small motifs like polka dots can add an enjoyable and playful element, or they can bring soothing peace through soft pebbles or delicate dot patterns. Country-style toile patterns evoke classic romanticism or can be transformed for modern graphic looks.


Damask wallpapers make an eye-catching statement in any bathroom with their luxurious appearance and feel. First woven as an imported luxury fabric, damask soon transitioned into wallpaper as America grew and developed, giving homeowners another way to elevate their living spaces using this timeless classic style.

If you want a bold addition to your bathroom, choose wallpaper with herringbone or chevron patterns. These bold designs add visual interest while being available in various styles that suit every preference.

Black and white stripe wallpaper makes an eye-catching statement in bathrooms thanks to its versatility. A staple in many home styles, these versatile wallcoverings can be tailored specifically for any space – be it small bathrooms with narrower stripes that make the room appear larger, or wider ones ideal for larger ones. You also have your choice of different colorways available.

Black and White

Black symbolizes sophistication while white represents innocence, creating a striking dichotomy when used sparingly in bathroom designs. Try adding black-striped wallpaper in an all-white powder room for an eye-catching visual statement and playfulness – its varying widths play with scale while its color jarringly contrasts light fixtures and glossy mirror frames to make an unforgettable design statement!

Black and white patterns can also make for great designs in small bathrooms. A blue animal print wallpaper may add a playful feel without overshadowing the space.

If you love the look of tiles but need a quick and cost-effective renovation, tile-inspired wallpaper offers an easy solution. Select styles such as country house tiles, Spanish Majolica tiles, modern graphic looks or Art Deco designs – even concrete patterns with rough or soft textures, and dark or light hues to meet your desired look. Plus they’re waterproof and scrubbable so they deliver similar visual results for less.


Wallpaper with a graphic pattern adds visual interest and visual texture to any bathroom, adding visual dimension and visual interest. Caitlin Higgins of Emily Henderson Design’s small polished bathroom features an amusing male/female torso motif in tones of pink and mustard; pale pink vanity and brass fixtures further complete this vibrant scheme for an exciting touch to this playful room.

Green is an energetic hue that signifies nature and new beginnings, symbolizing energy and life itself. Light green wallpaper adds a refreshing, breezy touch to powder rooms while darker green hues can bring depth into larger bathrooms. A botanical or jungle print offers an exotic yet bold aesthetic while bringing nature right into your home!

A powder room can be the ideal space to take risks that would otherwise be out of the question in other rooms, like this Hello Circus Coastal Shorelines wallpaper that plays off grandmother aesthetics with an on-trend ocean theme. Simply match its background tone for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Thin Lines

If you’re in search of an eye-catching wallpaper with thin lines, floral motifs reminiscent of Moroccan tile patterns may make an excellent way to evoke The Arabian Nights and create an ablution temple straight out of The Book of Seven Suns. Additionally, this design works exceptionally well in smaller bathrooms.

Large bathrooms may benefit from using bolder patterned wallpaper as either an accent piece or covering an entire wall, depending on its design and shade selection that matches other aspects of your home’s color and texture palette.

Choose solid-colored bathroom wallpaper instead. With smooth walls and neutral tones reflect light, making a room appear larger. This style works especially well in powder rooms or guest baths and pairs nicely with classic bathroom hardware and fixtures.