Connect Two Floors With A Slide – Innovative Design Idea From KI Design

Sometimes it takes just one simple idea to turn a great design into a completely memorable one. This is exactly what happens with a Kharkiv, Ukraine, apartment thanks to the addition of a slide that connected the first and second floors. The work was done by KI Design.

Everything started with the owners wanting something that was completely original. They had a flat out of 2 floors and the wish was to have something to impress the guests. Based on the pictures, the guests would not have been easily impressed as the design is already quite great. However, what was added is definitely something that impresses.


As you can see from the images below, the slide makes going back to the first floor a lot of fun. However, you cannot go up a slide that easily so stairs were also added, of course.

The rest of the home features minimalist interior with the extra touch of a fireplace in the middle of a brick wall. Add in a hammock, the slide and you have a great apartment to live in.

Apartment with slide 02 Apartment with slide - fireplace Apartment with slide 03 Apartment with slide 04 Apartment with slide 05