The Scorpion Chair

The Scorpion Chair is meant for the undisputed king of the home (and the Game Of Thrones fan, most likely). It is a truly flamboyant piece that is hard to dismiss. This is definitely the type of chair that you see and then you keep staring at it.

Vyacheslav Pakhomov is the artist responsible for this masterpiece. We are talking about a handcrafted chair, shaped like a scorpion and with a total height of 6.5 feet. You can see all the custom work done by Vyacheslav Pakhomov, and more, right HERE. The site is in Russian but you can click on the pictures to have a look.


In case you are wondering, this beauty will be available only for those that can afford to spend $5,750 for it. You will also have to pay for shipping costs, which will be quite a lot given the fact that we talk about a chair that is made out of massive oak wood, wax and with quality leather padding.