Cubo – The Smart Baby Monitor That Uses AI To Protect Your Child

Cubo is a baby monitor that aims to solve late night worries for parents.

Most parents have 2 main wishes. They want to sleep and they want the baby products that they buy to work. These days, you can find countless baby products, ranging from rockers to really fancy spoons.

The Cubo smart baby monitor was launched through an Indiegogo campaign that already reached almost $500,000 in funding, which is a lot since the goal was just $50,000.


Cubo promises to help the parent monitor babies during sleep but it does many other things. It is not just a regular baby monitor. It is a smart baby monitor.

Cubo includes humidity detection, temperature detection, night light and 2-way audio. It uses AI in order to proactively keep the baby save. In the event that the face of the baby is covered, an alarm sounds. The same thing happens when the baby cries or is out of a set danger zone.

If you do not want to miss something just because you sleep, Cubo records video up to 18 hours. The video that is created includes marks detection, which is useful for you to see how the baby slept. Various events can be logged, like night wakings. The device can even automatically record some moments that you wouldn’t want to miss just because you are at home.

A thing that is quite interesting is that Cubo is also designed to grow with the baby. You can use this monitor with a floor stand or as an attachment that is added to the crib. Then, you can add it to any part of the home.

To sum up, Cubo is a wonderful smart baby monitor that can help parents get rid of a little stress as snapshots are provided of moments you might miss just because you are not home.