How To Make Your Home Cooler Without Air Conditioning

How To Make Your Home Cooler Without Air Conditioning

Can you cool your home without air conditioning?

During summer, in so many situations the only thing that you want to do is turn on your AC so you can enjoy some cool air. The problem is that in many cases air conditioning is not available or is quite expensive.

Fortunately, there are different ways in which you can make your home cool even if summer heat is extreme. Check out the tips below and see what you can do right now.


If the air is dry and it is really hot, you start to sweat and then cool off. This is a natural process. In the event that there is a lot of humidity in the air, sweat does not evaporate. It just soaks clothes and you end up feeling sticky, miserable, wet and hot.

In order to feel cooler as humidity is high:

  • Wear natural fabrics that are breathable
  • Use breathable sheets like bamboo or cotton
  • Use a dehumidifier

The dehumidifier will remove excess air moisture. This makes you feel cooler even if temperatures are really high. You can easily find a great one on Amazon.

Unplug Electronics

Every single item that is plugged into the socket will produce heat. This is why a great way to cool off is to unplug all the electronics or appliances that you do not use. Those small glowing lights that tell you the device is turned off still drain electricity while producing heat. You cannot just turn off electronics. You have to unplug them.

Use High Efficiency Lighting

Always take full advantage of daylight and use energy efficient light sources, like LEDs. The traditional 100 watt light bulb will increase room heat by 11 degrees every single hour if the room is small.

There are utilities that offer rebates right now on LED lightbulbs. Take advantage of this opportunity when it is available.

You can also consider using lighter finish colors or paint in the home. This is because lighter color will reflect more light. You reduce how much extra task lighting you need.

outdoor cooking

Change Your Cooking Habits

During summer, it is a good idea to pre-plan meals so that the oven is not used every single day. You can always use a crock pot or a microwave oven. The grill is definitely better than the oven. In the event that the oven needs to be used, cook before noon or later in the evening.

It is even a good idea to look for opportunities to cook outside.

Know When To Close Window Blinds

If you close window blinds from late in the morning until early in the evening, you keep the entire room around 15 degrees cooler.

You can also buy blackout shades and use window tint film. When covering the windows makes the room way too dark for you, at least lower the top of your shades to let in some light but not all the heat. Insulating blinds can also be considered.

Use Ceiling Fans

Adding a ceiling fan to a room can help out a lot but only if you use it in an appropriate way.

At the base of the ceiling fan, you usually find a switch that will change air flow direction. The ceiling fan needs to blow in a counter clockwise direction so that air is forced down. This makes you feel cooler. During the winter, the ceiling fan should blow in the opposite direction so that air can circulate all throughout the room.

Build Shade

This will take some time and will require planning but it can help you out a lot in the future. Trees are capable of blocking even more than 70% of the solar radiation that could enter the home. This is why it is a very good idea to use shade-providing plants, shrubs and trees right in front of windows that get afternoon sun.

Because shade is offered, air and surface temperatures are reduced. You get clean air and can make a home’s exterior more beautiful.