Designing a Bathroom With a Freestanding Vanity

Selecting a freestanding vanity can open up many design options for homeowners. Unfortunately, locating and selecting one can sometimes be more complex than anticipated.

Considerations should include where and what plumbing connections the vanity will reside in its environment, as these aspects will ensure it serves both functions while being visually appealing.


While a vanity’s basic definition is simply a mirror above a sink, its options for size, material and design treatments are practically limitless. You could opt for one that mimics cabinetry or has an open design to give the bathroom an expanded feeling.

Freestanding vanities are the most popular type of vanity, sitting directly on the floor. Wall-mounted models may also be perfect for small bathrooms and are even ADA compliant, making them great for homes with elderly family members or guests with accessibility needs.

If you’re replacing an existing vanity, keeping it the same size can help avoid shifting plumbing hookups and potentially more involved projects such as relocating electrical outlets and switches and changing or adding lighting fixtures. Just be sure to switch off your water supply before beginning work on any bathroom remodeling projects!


Freestanding vanities add an elegant look and feel to any bathroom, adding furniture-like qualities that stand out. Before ordering one, take measurements of your space to ensure it will fit and level it appropriately – this will help prevent future water damage or sagging issues.

Based on your design style, vanity options should either stand out and make an impactful statement in the room or blend seamlessly with existing decor. With more decorative choices come more opportunities for customization with materials, colors and other design elements.

Floating bathroom vanities, which are attached to the wall without touching the floor, are another popular style used by homeowners. These modern pieces can easily pair with matching or complementary cabinets and shelving units.


Materials selection plays a pivotal role in designing luxury bathroom vanities. It helps define the look and feel of your space and can assist in meeting overall design objectives.

High-pressure laminate (HPL) is an economical, flexible material that fits effortlessly with both your aesthetic and functional requirements in the modern bathroom. Water resistance, stain resistance and multiple colors and textures such as natural wood graining or concrete textures all come together to form HPL, making this option highly resilient and stain proof.

Solid wood vanities add timeless style to any bathroom design; however, due to humidity-related issues like warping or cracking they may require extra care when installed in humid environments.

For this reason, some manufacturers use a plywood skeleton covered with real wood veneer as an effective solution. Plywood provides more strength and stability when exposed to moisture and temperature changes compared to solid wood; additionally it requires less maintenance and cleaning efforts – one reason many homeowners opt for this style vanity.


There are various styles of freestanding vanities. Some feature cabinets with doors while others provide open shelving units or even come equipped with built-in sinks. Consider which option best meets the needs and aesthetic of your bathroom when choosing storage solutions for this space.

Consider all available door and hardware options carefully when designing a bathroom. Modern bathrooms typically use flat slab doors with minimal or no hardware to achieve an uncluttered and contemporary aesthetic, while more traditional styles may call for moulded panel doors with ornate knobs and pulls.

Floating vanities, which don’t rely on walls for support, are ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms as they allow light to reflect off of the floor beneath them and make the room seem larger. Furthermore, these vanity options are easier to keep clean around and underneath than traditional vanities; additionally they’re much simpler to keep clean underneath too! Over-the-door racks such as those from Most Lovely Things offer another convenient way of adding additional storage. You can customize them easily with hooks for towels or baskets to store things such as hair tools or toiletries!