Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Design Inspiration

Create the look of mid-century modern with pale, warm hues. From covering a shower stall to using herringbone tiles on floors, this color scheme feels both fresh and contemporary.

This home’s use of an elegant wood credenza as bathroom vanity harkens back to mid-century modern style with clean lines and brass fixtures that further enliven its character.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles, composed of small pieces of glass, stone or ceramic arranged into intricate designs to form colorful mosaic patterns and images, add an eye-catching and stylish aesthetic to bathrooms and kitchens alike. Mosaics are especially popular as shower walls, backsplashes or floors and add an air of luxury into modern living environments.

Choose from a wide array of materials and colors when searching for the ideal mosaic tile to adorn your mid-century modern bathroom. Glass mosaics boast an elegant, shiny surface that’s easy to keep clean; water-resistant porcelain designs come in multiple hues while natural stone options such as marble, travertine or slate produce timeless effects for an exquisite aesthetic.

Mid-century modern homes often opt for monochromatic schemes when it comes to color choices, like soft shades of blue, green or gray that create a relaxing ambience. You could also incorporate tiles with interesting shapes like squares or kitkat designs; or opt for geometric patterns with herringbone or chevron tiles.

Checkerboard Tiles

Checkered tiles are an elegant addition to any bathroom design, and an ideal way to inject mid-century modern flair. Their black-and-white alternating square pattern adds contrast that works on both walls and floors – something it has been used in palaces and grand halls for centuries, demonstrating its timeless charm.

Make a bold statement with a colorful checkerboard floor! Choose from various colors and sizes of penny tiles that add texture, or try terrazzo tiles with their diverse shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching flooring pattern.

While neutral colors are an integral component of mid-century modern design, that doesn’t mean bold hues cannot add some zest to your bathroom space. Teal, mustard yellow and burnt orange can all help add a sense of nostalgia without overwhelming the space.

Bold Geometric Tiles

Geometric tile patterns can be an ideal way to show off mid-century modern style. There are various designs available to add texture and variety, as well as playful hues like pink, teal and olive green for an eye-catching bathroom design. If bold colors aren’t your cup of tea, neutral tiles and walls with patterns or adding warm lights will still give your bathroom design that classic retro vibe.

As an example, geometric tile patterns with triangular or rhombus shapes look fantastic in any bathroom, while pinwheel marble mosaic is another fantastic design option that will draw the eye. Gold or brass fixtures add elegance while wood furniture creates a natural aesthetic; making this style perfect for people who appreciate simple yet clean elegance.

White Tiles

White, which has long been associated with cleanliness and purity, makes an obvious choice for bathroom tiles. This classic neutral works beautifully in any type of decor but stands out as especially striking when incorporated into bold or geometric patterns.

To avoid creating an sterile and clinical look with mid-century modern design, incorporate round shapes like those fabulous timber handles shown here and opt for curved floor tile patterns. Subway tiles with various circumferences, penny rounds, and smaller tile shapes such as penny rounds can all help create a soft aesthetic in an MCM bath that feels welcoming.

Wood paneling may be controversial in bathrooms, but when used sparingly and with a dark stain it can add vintage flair. Add soothing green artwork as well as broad-leaf houseplants for the finishing touch; wall-mounted warm lights and chrome hardware can further elevate its ambience in your new bathroom space.