Designing a Bathroom With a Statement Bathtub

An impressive bathtub can make a statement in any bathroom, drawing attention with its eye-catching designs and materials. From classic clawfoot styles to contemporary slipper tubs, there is something spectacular out there to suit every bathroom aesthetic and taste.

Make your soaking tub the focal point of any room by framing it with an eye-catching accent wall or adding handy shelves for toiletries storage. In this bathroom, tongue-and-groove paneling frames a stone tub perfectly while Marvin windows add natural light overhead.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs add a dramatic sculptural element to any bathroom and can become elegant focal points when coupled with complementary design elements. This beautiful T&L Adoni tub fits right in with this mountain home’s rustic, nature-inspired aesthetic perfectly.

There are endless ways to enhance the beauty of a freestanding tub. Many homeowners add decorative items, like zen stacking stones, flower arrangements or reading lamps around it; others opt for adding storage with tub trays or wall shelves.

Freestanding tubs sit atop pedestal bases or claw feet and come in various styles. If you prefer sharing the experience, a double slipper tub with one or two sloping sides for comfortable reclining is ideal. Furthermore, copper offers both warmth and health benefits when selecting your freestanding tub!

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs are timeless bathroom design elements, yet this doesn’t mean that their decor must reflect traditional or farmhouse aesthetics. By applying just a few tricks to keep this statement bathtub looking upscale rather than outdated or drab.

Begin by selecting a tub that complements your personal aesthetic. Clawfoot tubs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles with their own distinct feel according to Dunne. When selecting one for your space – not too large so as not to feel empty – choose one with an appropriate size – neither too large to overwhelm nor too small which feels empty.”

Add an alcove or raised platform around your tub for extra coziness, or frame it with mosaic tile, natural stone or even wooden panels for an authentic vintage-style aesthetic.

Tub Nooks

If you have the space, a tub nook is an effective way to add design elements around your bathtub. In this London bathroom by Studio Peake featuring nuvole cloud-patterned wallpaper from Fornasetti, as well as blue-and-white mermaid tiles and a bentwood pendant light, creating a cheerful ambience.

Take full advantage of natural sunlight by placing your soaker near a window. This approach works especially well in shared bathrooms like this primary bath designed by Gillian Segal; you’ll get to experience both scenery and soaking equally!

Consider using natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete for an earthy aesthetic. Lake | Flato’s contemporary bathroom utilizes terrazzo in both sink and soaking area to add texture and color.

Hanging art above your bathtub will help define and distinguish it from other rooms in your home. Take inspiration from nature – including shades of green and brown to create an organic vibe – when choosing artwork to display above it.


A standalone sink can make just as big of an impression in any bathroom as a freestanding tub does. Consider materials like reclaimed wood or stone for a rustic aesthetic; or go sleek and modern by selecting something with sleeker lines.

Vessel sinks, which rest directly on the counter, can add an elegant touch to any bathroom. Their sculptural quality often stands out more than traditional drop-in sinks installed into countertops; copper makes an especially desirable material as it resists bacteria while developing its own natural patina over time to enhance its beauty.

Floor-to-ceiling windows create an eye-catching focal point and let in lots of natural light, while wavy tiles add visual interest while adding texture to the space. A beautiful rattan window shade keeps privacy intact without blocking natural light, while a small brass table and decorative framed mirror complete its luxe design.