Industrial-Style Bathroom Design Inspiration

An essential factor for creating the industrial look in your bathroom is choosing materials that harken back to an earlier era, such as darker hues and rough detailing.

Brick walls immediately recall chic NYC lofts. This bathroom idea combines that New York aesthetic with an eye-catching concrete tub and wood vanity for a beautiful modern design.

Concrete walls and flooring

Industrial bathroom design ideas typically feature concrete walls and flooring – either as solid surfaces or tiles designed to look like concrete – as the dominant aesthetic, often combined with wood accents for additional industrial flair. Wood is used as flooring material, vanities, shelves or vanities themselves, while adding weathered wood features can soften its raw industrial aesthetic.

Dark color palettes work beautifully in industrial bathroom design, such as gray or black finishes with darker tile choices for both shower and floor areas. Black fixtures, floating vanities or even windows or doors framed in black can add depth and dimension to the room.

Add a fun flair with blue tile backsplash or herringbone wall tiles for an urban-inspired touch of color and pattern, combined with simple white tubs and stainless steel hardware for a fresh modern touch that still fits with the industrial bathroom theme.

Black fixtures

Black bathroom decor stands out in industrial bathrooms by creating a striking contrast against neutral or even brightly-hued features of the room. Take advantage of black subway wall tile, dark grey or even concrete flooring and coordinating basin sink to achieve this industrial aesthetic in your own home.

Exposed pipes are an integral component of industrial bathroom designs, as they combine functionality and minimalist forms while still looking clean and stylish. This chic raw aesthetic will never go out of style any time soon.

Industrial bathroom ideas don’t need to be cold and uninviting if you incorporate organic materials such as reclaimed wood into the space for vanities and open shelving, or heavy metal hardware like brackets for wood shelves and hinges or drawer pulls on vanities into their design scheme. Industrial elements pair beautifully when combined with other modern features like light colored concrete bathtubs and exposed copper pipe plumbing piping systems.

Metal hardware

Exposed pipes and ductwork are hallmarks of industrial style, but that shouldn’t stop you from incorporating them in your bathroom design. Designer Kali Cavanagh created this impressive industrial bathroom featuring concrete sink, metal hardware and exposed piping in the shower stall that creates an unforgettable space.

An industrial-style bathroom needs something bright and colorful to bring its space alive, and this small one uses red bathmat and round vanity mirror as eye-catching focal points that tie everything together beautifully.

Black is an obvious choice when it comes to industrial bathroom walls, but other colors work just as well – try incorporating deep blue to give your room some added depth and make it truly stand out. Dark tile flooring works particularly well in an industrial bathroom space as do unique wall treatments like Kristen THELIFESTYLEDCO’s unique patterned wall treatment in this small industrial bathroom idea. Incorporating these unique details plays well off both black shower stalls and wooden vanities seen here for maximum impact!

Black walls

Industrial style is defined by rough materials like concrete, exposed brick and natural wood. Bring these raw aesthetics into your bathroom through tiles, shelving units, vanities and other surfaces that play off these textures. Incorporate metal hardware that features polished details for extra polish.

No matter how strongly they associate black, white and gray with industry, other colors can also help soften a room. Mindy Gayer created this lovely bathroom featuring a black tub and vanity set off by wood floor tiles and greenery to soften its look.

If you’re still uncertain about taking on an industrial bathroom look, try adding just one or two accent pieces as a starting point. Red stools and mirrors can help ease your transition from more traditional or contemporary designs into industrial ones; try opting for copper tubs instead for added color; you could even find metal ladders to store towels or add visual interest!