Farmhouse Exteriors – Rustic Charm and Country Living

Farmhouse exterior ideas typically feature inviting front porches and plenty of wood accents, like natural materials like reclaimed pine. Add character with tasteful touches like rusting on metal fixtures or knotted wood features like knots.

Farmhouse exterior designs often incorporate neutral shades, but adding dark accents can add distinction and visual interest. Sage green front door, charcoal gray window shutters and lantern-style light fixtures add balance to this style.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse design is an increasingly popular trend that fuses traditional and contemporary elements for homes that are warm, welcoming, authentic, and beautiful. This style is ideal for homeowners who wish to embrace country living while maintaining sophisticated architectural details in their homes.

White is one of the most popular colors used for farmhouse exteriors, as its simplicity brings out the natural beauty of any front yard garden. No matter where a property lies in terms of geography (whether near the countryside or lakeshore), a modern farmhouse will always blend in harmoniously.

If you’re creating a modern farmhouse look in your house, add interest by incorporating different textures. Shingle siding or a dark gray roof can add contrast with white cladding; black trims and shutters can highlight farmhouse elements on your home and instantly elevate its exterior design. Large front doors and elongated windows can also help give an open feel.

Traditional Farmhouse

Traditional farmhouses may be ideal for those who appreciate tradition. These homes typically sit on farmland and are designed with family living in mind as well as proximity to nature in mind, with added flexibility for future growth in mind.

Farmhouses typically feature a relaxing color palette and incorporate natural materials, including wood. Antique finishes on fixtures and appliances also tend to add character.

Modern farmhouses feature large windows and glass doors to maximize views of their surrounding land and boost natural lighting, and corner windows are an effective way to bring the outdoors in, connecting with its surroundings in both a stylish and practical manner. At OKNOPLAST, our corner windows offer many options that help create seamless transitions between interior and outdoor spaces; check out our blog for more information on incorporating corner windows into farmhouse designs.

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic farmhouse interiors feature an organic aesthetic that embraces simplicity and authenticity. This design style utilizes colors such as browns, greens, and beiges to mimic nature and reflect outdoor settings, while subdued reds and blues add warmth and coziness to the space.

Rustic finishes can be found throughout both modern and farmhouse design styles, creating an organic aesthetic with their inclusion. By mixing rustic elements with contemporary materials like geometric tiles or herringbone ceramic tile patterns, the overall effect is achieved. Reclaimed wood shelves or furniture add another organic element.

Rustic farmhouse design incorporates decorations found in an actual farmhouse, such as upcycled barn doors and vintage gardening tools and watering cans. This style also favors multi-purpose furniture like repurposed ladders and hutches to create cozy spaces while double as storage, while natural textures such as sheepskin cushions, cowhide rugs and wicker baskets bring instant coziness into each room.

Country Cottage

Country cottage interiors are cozy and inviting spaces, evoking an easygoing charm that encourages you to curl up with a good book. Their hallmarks include soft hues, natural textures and an eclectic approach to furniture arrangement; soft colors can range from floral prints and lace wallpaper to rustic accents such as woven baskets and vintage kitchenware – you simply choose key pieces of furniture that define your style while the remainder takes on its own collected over time look.

Display a collection of teacups or heirloom china on open shelving to give your home an individual feel. Country living embraces nature-inspired decor, so adding plants can bring life-giving greenery into your home. For an authentic farmhouse dining room look choose sturdy wood furniture with mismatched chairs for a whimsical eclecticism; choose an elegant bathroom complete with a clawfoot tub and rustic vanities; embrace country cottage style by decorating a front porch with vibrant blooms lining its perimeter and a pretty picket fence;