Fresh Villa In Messenia, Greece by MGXM Architects

This Messenia villa is perfectly situated close to the scenic Messinian Gulf, being a building made out of 2 volumes linked with a patio. The patio can be used as an outdoor living area and this is just one of the really interesting things that you will surely appreciate thanks to the work of architects Christina Malama and Mario Gonzalez from MGXM Architects.

The villa is by no means small, covering 330 square meters but what is instantly beautiful from the moment you reach the location is the scenery and how great that is with the added infinity pool. A harmonious sequence is created thanks to material use, featuring a lot of marble and various other natural materials coming from Peloponnese. It was the owners of the villa that wanted to use as much local material as possible.

In the main residence you will find 2 floors. Living areas are located at ground level and the master bedroom is placed on the first floor. Open space is present in abundance and every single element seems to perfectly fit. Besides the use of materials you will surely appreciate the use of lighting, creating a perfect dining or fun environment that perfectly complements the infinity pool and the views.

Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis