Rent A Mars Designed Dwelling That Is 3D Printed

TERA 3D Printed Exterior for Mars

When it comes to architecture, the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes is a top priority for many. This can include choice of site, energy use, materials, construction and even all of these. The idea is to mitigate negative environmental impact.

What comes into question is when sustainable architecture used was not actually meant for Earth use. TERA is exactly that, a luxury Martian eco-home that uses Martian technology in terra architecture and is designed to be used on Earth.

TERA-1 is MARSHA’s architectural progeny and was developed by the work of AI SpaceFactory. It features an exterior shell that is 3D printed and covers a structure made out of wood. The interior is independent and was created to easily land on a currently undeveloped and remote plot in Upstate New York, along the Hudson River. The idea is to basically build this and then rent it as a unique eco-habitat.

TERA has an obvious vertical build that is meant to maximize square footage while physical footprint is minimized. The manufacturer wants to transport the 3D printing robot right to the site and then build the TERA house after a topographic laser scan. This removes the need to have a foundation or level the ground. After the structure starts showing breaking down signs, recycling is possible for the biopolymer basalt composite housing.

AI SpaceFactory was founded in the year 2017 thanks to the work of David Malott (architect). The goal was to design and investigate solutions that are to help long-term Mars missions while also having applications on our own planet.

AI SpaceFactory is now crowdfunding in order to help fund off-grid features that are to be incorporated, like grey water purification and solar power. In return, discounted stays are promised in the eco-resort, with prices starting at $175 per night. This is before the official launch. Information about the eco project here.