How To Get Some Extra Storage Out Of A Small Closet

If you live in a small apartment there are a few special joys like being able to quickly move through the house or reach everything without getting off the sofa. Small closets aren`t really that joyful when it comes to small apartments because things start to stack up after years of living there. Here are some clever tips to squeeze some extra storage out of your small closet.

  1. Inventory of your clothes

The first thing you need to do is an inventory of your clothes. You will see that there will be a lot of clothes you probably don`t need anymore. You should get rid of them and keep only what you are usually wearing.

  1. Build an extra rod space

If your room can handle this, then you should build it. It is really easy to build an extra rod and there are a lot of DIY videos available online regarding extra rods.

  1. Loft your bed

When your ceilings are normal height, putting a closet underneath a loft is a thing that you can do. You will easily get use of the vertical space if you do so.

  1. Soda can tabs

You can hang multiple garments if you use soda can tabs. This is an easy trick which you can use in order to gain some extra storage out of a small closet.

  1. Old shoe boxes

The shoe boxes are a great storage place for your clothes. They work really good as drawer organizers and you should try this idea out. This is a really good idea, but only if you have built-in drawers.

  1. Extra rod space

You can easily hang scarves or gloves inside of the doors, by making an extra rod space. Shower curtain rings can be used to organize all of your scarves.

  1. Doubling your rod space

It is really simple to double your rod space by adding a dowel and some rope to it.

  1. Don`t forget about your shoes

They also need to be organized and you should think about some creative ideas to organize them. You can choose a wine box, add the shoes in it and put it under your bed. You can also organize your shoes under furniture. An old picture frame can be used to keep your shoes organized. You can put some anti-scratch pads on the bottom so when you pull the picture frame out, it won`t scratch the floor. You can also leave your shoes in the closet, but you need to organize them by tension pole.

  1. Ties

You can easily hand them to a tie hanger up against the wall. A tie hanger won`t take any valuable rod space and you can easily make one by yourself.

  1. Every space matters

If you have a collection of earrings, you can hang them to a rain gutter guard.

  1. Hang catchalls on the inside of the door

If you don`t have sliding doors, this is a great idea to save some space.