Adding Plants In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms also deserve to be decorated by plants. After all the bathroom is also a room in your house. This is why you need to find what plant will thrive in your bathroom. You should keep in mind that the low light and high humidity is what characterizes your bathroom. You need to look for plants that love this kind of environment.

  • Lighting

Even low light plants require a little light to grow and this is why you should give them what they need in order to thrive. You can replace the natural light with fluorescent one.

  • Temperature and humidity

The hot water can make the temperature rise pretty quickly in the bathroom. This condition doesn`t suit many plants and you should keep this in mind.

  • Space

You will usually have a limited space in your bathroom. This is why you should choose plants that don`t grow really big. You can also go with plants that can easily be hanged from the ceiling.

  1. Aloe Vera

This is one of the first plants you should consider adding to your bathroom. It is a really useful plant to have around your home. As you know, the Aloe Vera juice has a lot of vitamins and minerals and the gel can be used in minor cuts and burns. You can place this plant close to the bathroom window.

The humidity levels in the bathroom should be enough for the plant to thrive.

  1. Bamboo

It will need little light to grow. It is a good idea to place the bamboo in indirect light. The best thing about this plant is the fact that it won`t even need any soil. You will simply need to insert the plant into a pot with water and pebbles. You should change the water every two weeks.


This is a really fast growing plant, but you can control its growth by adding a physical barrier such as a shelf. A good idea in order to control its growth is to shape it regularly.

  1. Begonia

This plant is known because it usually blooms inside. They do the best in fluorescent lighting and it is a good idea to place the plant in the bathroom.

  1. Boston Fern

This is a really popular variety of fern. It grows really well when you place it near the window so it will get a lot of indirect light. The bathroom is ideal for the fern to thrive. Because the temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees are really good for it to thrive.

  1. Cast Iron Plant

This plant may appear to thrive even it is neglected. It can survive in low light, extreme heat and even infrequent watering. You should place it in a low moderate light. Keep the Cast Iron plant out of the direct sunlight because it will affect it. You will see that the plant will thrive when the temperature is between 50 to 85 degrees. This is why it is a great plant for your bathroom.