Honeywood Affordable And Strong Wooden Homes

When it comes to wooden home builders you most likely never heard of Honeywood since we are talking about a relatively small builder based in Romania but the homes that are offered are definitely worth taking a look at. Honeywood already built homes in Romania, France and Belgium. The homes can be built based on the plans you have or the buyer can choose out of different pre-made house models. What stands out is the workmanship standards respected and the high quality materials used. Much more can be said though.

Honeywood started with a small factory in 2007. The company built homes that were exported and it took until 2013 to hit the local market. As the company grew, new and new options were made available. The list of pre-made house models available now are great for people that want different things, with the Heartwood 160 square meters model being the largest.

What should be mentioned is that the speed at which the homes are built is quite high. The pre-built models are done faster but when you come with your own plan, it will take only 30 to 45 days to have the home ready for you to move in. You gain access to many interesting things, including an insulation that is integrated in the timber frame of the home. Higher energy efficiency is a reality with the homes offered by Honeywood.

Learn more about Honeywood Houses on their site here. Also, take a look at some projects that were already did. The homes look great and they are 100% eco-friendly.