Beautiful Home Inspired By Bird Houses by Jamison Architects

This lovely home by Jamison Architects was named Bird House because of the design that takes full advantage of natural light and cross-ventilation. Architects in charge were Mark Jamison and Angela Jamison, with a goal to create a really strong connection to the fauna and flora that was present on site.

This Bird House is made out of 2 main pavilions that are connected through a grassed central courtyard, making the green space a huge part of the house. The entire courtyard is surrounded laser-cut screens that can be opened and shut, offering a really unique property entry and experience upon arrival. When it is day the courtyard will offer shade and during the night it will frame the sky, offering a private outdoor room. Screens can be opened so the space can be connected to the exterior of the home or be intimate. Such laser-cut screens are added to other home parts.


Space is perfectly used and is maximized through floor to ceiling glazing and voids, connecting people inside to the outside. Open plan living is present upstairs and there are passive solar design principles used, all together with cost effective construction methods and materials. This Bird House home is basically environmentally friendly, a delight to live in and fully functional.

Photographs by Scott Burrows