House Tour – Lakeside Cottage by Hendel Homes

We chose this lakeside cottage by Hendel Homes for the featured house tour on Home Vanities simply because of how everything matches everything, creating a cottage aesthetic that begins with the exterior and ends with the interior. White siding, cedar roof, white enamel brackets and more create the cottage feeling. This house is 4,400 square feet and can be found in Greenwood, Minnesota, being the home of a couple with daughters recently moving away.

You will definitely like the front door with its Tavern Mahogany paint and the foyer that appears as you open it. Amy Hendel said about the foyer that it is:

“Large and open, even though we had to stay with 0-foot ceilings because of height restrictions. The spacious room is a wonderful place to gather and welcome guests.”

The furnishings that you see inside the home and especially in the living room are comfortable, approachable and classical. Various pops of color appear and the white enamel woodwork definitely looks great. Usable space is available all around the home and the reason why so much navy blue is present is that the homeowner loves that color. You can see navy blue especially in upholstery and window coverings.


Hendel Homes created an open-plan first level that features the kitchen, dining area and the living room. Lake views are making the home feel more comfortable and we particularly loved the beautiful polished nickel chandelier.

In the kitchen we have custom designed cabinets made out of maple with Benjamin Moore White Dove paint. Many handmade elements are present in the kitchen and Hendel tried to add as many cabinets as they could. The kitchen even features a bar so there are various interesting additions that can be highlighted.

The rest of the home features the same attention to details, including the bathrooms and the bedroom. Take a look at the images and we hope you will appreciate the house as much as we did.