Shabby Chic Furniture: Simplicity and Elegance

When considering the idea of embarking on a new interior design project you should remember from the start that you can select one of the numerous decorating styles that exist on the market depending on your own interests and preferences in terms of design.

What is also an important fact to mention is that in most cases we do not use each of these styles as they are in theory but rather combined and personalized according to our own inspiration, personal needs or budget for the interior design process.

Harmonious elements and choices are the key

Specific rules are never followed in a rigorous manner when people who are not professionals decide to decorate their homes but it is necessary to keep in mind that you have to achieve a harmonious atmosphere and unity through proper combination of interesting decorative elements no matter whether you are a professional or not.

This will offer you the opportunity of transforming your house into a real home to live in. Shabby chic furniture is an effective alternative and interesting choice in terms of furniture that you can select for the particular design of your own personal living space.

Shabby chic style


Shabby chic furniture gives a special defining style note in the case of interior design. Elegance is the defining characteristic of this style and type of furniture. Absolute elegance is achieved by using special decorative items and unique vintage furniture elements.

When we consider the possibility of using vintage type of furniture for the interior design of the home we live in we should not necessarily think of old furniture but also think of the possibility of using any type of furniture that features a special look and which gives the impression of that special outdated touch that will make your space very different in terms of design and style.

The advantages of using shabby chic furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture 2

Shabby chic furniture includes a variety of unique pieces that can delight those who come to visit you and who will certainly appreciate the good taste of the person who was responsible for the selection of these elements and who has managed to combine them in such an interesting way.

This style emerged in the 80s when everyone wanted to decorate their homes using the most expensive and most modern equipment and furniture elements. Shabby chic furniture has become in time a very charming replica of most contemporary styles. It manages to create a very special atmosphere through its vintage notes.

Fitting rooms using shabby chic furniture

The most common materials used when decorating shabby chic interiors are wood, metal, linen or cotton. All the pieces of furniture from the shabby chic category usually have that special touch of paint on wood or the great art of metal creation that keeps the artistic traces of rust alive so as to give these elements that special 80s feel.

Interesting shabby chic furniture element

Shabby Chic Furniture 3

Usual wood or wood painted in light shades creates a great atmosphere especially when you use this type of furniture to decorate your bedroom. By combining retro elements with their corresponding accessories you will manage to create a space that will remain in the memory of those who see it as a mark of good taste and naturalness with which you can create something special by simply blending the elements that appear to be obsolete and of no great value when you first lay your eyes on them.

Shabby Chic furniture is a favorite choice especially among the female audience because they are more romantic and always eager to add a unique touch of originality to everything they have or use. Shabby Chic could be considered a traditional style, a style approached mainly by stores who specialize in the sale of unique vintage decorations.