How to Create a Coastal Living Space That Feels Like an Island Escape

Create a coastal living space that feels like an island getaway by using soothing colors, unique decorative designs, and natural textures. A palette of blue hues invokes beachy vibes while seascape artwork and driftwood accessories build upon it without overstepping its bounds.

Experience an open and airy feeling by choosing cotton and linen fabrics that allow natural sunlight to enter. Add texture through jute rugs or bamboo light fixtures, while natural elements such as driftwood and seashells serve as decorative accents.

Light and Airy

Coastline living rooms tend to employ light and airy color palettes that evoke sandy beaches and seashells, featuring pastel tones of white, tan, sun-bleached neutrals and different hues of blue – for an added breezy effect use light floor and ceiling materials.

If a clean coastal look isn’t your style, adding patterns can add interest. As seen in our Crane Island Florida Idea House’s living room with blue and white stripes creates the feeling of life at sea. Furthermore, adding coastal art such as scenic prints, ocean vistas, holiday postcards or nautical typography helps add maritime style.

Add an element of nature with tall potted plants like palms and banana leaves, helping create the feel of being outdoors while making the room feel more welcoming and relaxing. Or consider utilizing a rattan coffee table as a unique accent piece that combines style with functionality.

Natural Textures

An effective coastal aesthetic relies on the incorporation of natural elements such as seashells and jute rugs, giving your space a breezy, laid-back vibe.

Soft colors reminiscent of coastal living rooms are characteristic of coastal decor, often featuring hues like blue and green that evoke images of white sand beaches and calm ocean waters, according to Pottery Barn’s design editor Scanlon.

She suggests adding texture to walls and ceilings by using woven wallpaper or natural wood finishes like shiplap. Wood beams on a ceiling add architectural interest while complementing your coastal theme as well.

Slouchy furniture is an iconic feature of coastal decor, as demonstrated in this living room by our little red brick home. Soft linen slip-covered sofas add both comfort and style to this coastal space while selecting a wooden coffee table with a weathered finish can add authenticity.

Subtle Details

Implementing decorative details from the beach into coastal living spaces is a fantastic way to add some coastal flare. But instead of tacking up a pair of oars on the wall or stacking shelves full of seashell decor, consider more subdued ocean-inspired touches instead: natural wood tones, jute or hemp area rugs, or furniture with driftwood finishes are great examples.

Large statement artwork pieces and gallery walls are essential components of coastal design. Don’t be intimidated to add non-canvas materials such as mirrors for an added dimension of visual interest.

The rustic coastal decor features a charming blend of worn textures such as wood, rattan, bamboo and jute to bring the outdoors in. Ourlittleredbrickhome recommends including weathered wood pieces such as coffee tables with worn driftwood finishes for an inviting living area look while seashell-inspired chandeliers add extra character.

Bring the Outside In

Coastal living is all about bringing the soothing relaxation and natural beauty of the beach into your home. By selecting colors inspired by both sand and sea, as well as natural elements like driftwood, you can create an upscale vacation-esque space in which to live.

At the core of coastal decorating is creating an airy and open atmosphere in your space. Window treatments should focus on maximizing natural lighting by selecting simple light-colored curtains or blinds – large windows provide amazing views of water or nature that enhance this effect. To maximize natural lighting in your coastal living room, keep window treatments minimal by choosing light-colored blinds and curtains.

Woven textures are a cornerstone of coastal design, be they in the form of woven rugs, wicker chairs or rattan light fixtures. To really bring out the coastal charm in your space, add beach-themed accents such as starfish sculptures or porthole-shaped mirrors; hanging decorative oars or nautical maps is also a great way to add coastal charm!