Tips For Decorating With Bookshelves

Shelves provide the perfect place for us to store and display treasured objects while reflecting our personalities. However, styling shelves effectively may prove challenging.

Start from a blank slate and layer decorative items such as antique vases, vintage picture frames, and greenery – but keep things simple by striking a balance from side to side and top-to-bottom!

1. Keep it simple

No matter what design aesthetic you follow, keeping your bookshelf neat and organized is the key to an elegant bookshelf. That means avoiding using your shelves as a dumping ground for items that belong elsewhere – such as trays filled with loose change and baskets of mail and receipts.

Store these items elsewhere and focus on objects that truly belong on your shelves, like family photos or sleek vases.

Domino suggests painting your bookshelves a vibrant hue for an instant burst of color that can instantly refresh the look and feel of your home. Just ensure your color selection reflects your overall design style – and if all else fails, simply adding decorative containers with greenery can do wonders to refresh shelves instantly!

2. Mix up the height

When decorating shelves, it is wise to mix up the heights of items for visual balance and to give the overall display an air of thoughtfulness and care.

Simply adding variations in height for balance and harmony when it comes to shelving can be as easy as placing a smaller decor item atop of stack of books, or more dramatic options like using large books as the bottom shelf (as shown above). What matters most is adding balance and harmony when it comes to shelving design.

Layering decor items is another effective strategy for creating visually pleasing shelves! Spread out colors, shapes, and textures so they don’t all appear to be concentrated on one side of your shelves to achieve visual interest and ensure your shelves will look their best! This technique ensures they remain visually attractive!

3. Layer up

Decorating shelves doesn’t need to be limited to books alone! Think outside the bookcase when arranging items on shelves: plants, vases, decorative plates, photo frames, and personal mementos all add character and dimension – just remember scale: large items could overpower smaller objects on your bookshelf and less is more when it comes to styling shelves!

Use varied heights when stacking objects on shelves to add dimension and variety to a vignette. Also, try switching up the colors of accessories and books – doing this will prevent your shelves from appearing like junk drawers while making them much more inviting to guests and those viewing snapshots of them on computer screens! Doing this also will prevent monotone-looking shelves.

4. Add a pop of color

Adding some vibrant hues to your bookshelf can add visual interest and enhance the space. Do this with colorful vases or even bowls which can display seasonal items such as moss balls or ornaments.

As another way of adding color, book-ends are an easy and effective way to do just that. There are various styles available from figurines to bicycles, hands or antique light bulbs; simply find ones that speak to your personal aesthetic and enhance your decor.

Your bookshelf can serve as an artistic canvas to display your individuality and interests. From handmade ceramic giraffes by your child, to souvenirs from travels abroad – make the most of this space to express who you are!

5. Keep it clean

Maintaining clean shelf decor is integral to creating the ideal bookshelf experience. This involves clearing away items that don’t belong on the shelves, such as trays containing loose change or stacks of junk mail; regularly reorganizing baskets, vases, and display stands to prevent dust accumulation or dull appearance; as well as regularly dusting.

Keep these bookshelf decor tips in mind when styling, and your shelves are sure to turn out beautiful. Remember to add some splashes of color for extra impact, and don’t be afraid to experiment with layers; use fabric or shiplap backdrops as decorative layers! Be sure to balance warm earthy materials with cool metallics and glass surfaces, matte with shiny finishes for optimal results.