How to Create a Farmhouse Living Space

Farmhouse style isn’t exclusive to California design trends; the popular look can be found across the United States. Shiplap–which Joanna Gaines would approve of–is an essential element in farmhouse layouts.

Integrate natural textures into your farmhouse living space to create a relaxing ambiance. Plaid curtains, wood-framed mirrors and woven area rugs all bring subtle charm into the room.

Crate Wall Shelf

Add farmhouse style to your living space with a wood crate wall shelf! This rustic wall decor piece makes a statement while serving as the perfect place for displaying books, plants and other items.

Start by sanding your crates to remove all traces of paint or stain, being sure to do this in an area with sufficient ventilation as fumes from paint and wood stain can quickly accumulate.

Assemble your crates by attaching them securely to the wall using a stud finder. After they are in place, fill them up with items of interest!

Newspaper Perforated Container

If you like reading newspapers and want a cozy space to do it in, a perforated container is an ideal way to keep them organized and accessible. Plus, its versatility means it could also serve as storage for other things such as magazines!

Cool-toned metals are an easy way to bring modern farmhouse style into your home, whether that means area rugs and furniture pieces or adding unique accents like an USA flag tray or plant in a rustic can adorned with modern farmhouse accents.

USA Flag Tray

Show your patriotic pride with this stunning solid black walnut catchall tray featuring an American flag carving, perfect for keeping keys or wallet in one convenient spot while adding decorative flair to any room.

Modern farmhouse decorating ideas provide a cozy aesthetic ideal for entertaining family and friends in either rural farmhouses or suburban homes featuring plenty of wood features. Combine farmhouse furniture with sleek styles or rustic materials reinvented in contemporary ways for added contemporary charm.

Wooden Hooks

Wooden hooks bring rustic charm that helps define farmhouse decor. Use them in the living room to hang baskets of greenery from, or place them in your kitchen as spice holders to keep spices within reach.

Farmhouse living rooms often include ample seating arrangements that invite guests to stay a while and relax. If built-ins aren’t part of your modern farmhouse design ideas, select furniture with simple lines upholstered with cotton or linen fabrics for extra coziness.

Wooden Furniture

Integrating wooden furnishings and features into your farmhouse living room is an integral component. From rustic wood furniture, reclaimed wood accent walls or beadboard wainscoting to beadboard wainscoting – adding wooden elements brings rustic charm into any space while also being an effective way to display special photos or collectibles.

Farmhouse living rooms often combine rustic elements and neutral color palettes. As part of your mantel display, consider including vintage jugs, antique pails and mason jars as decorative accents.

Painted Furniture

Recognizing neutral color palettes is key for creating a farmhouse living room. Select furniture pieces featuring whites, beiges and light grey tones to complete this style.

Modern farmhouse decor often features natural textures like reclaimed wood sliding barn doors and jute rugs, along with sisal baskets and other earthy accent pieces such as sisal baskets.

If you want to fully commit to creating the farmhouse lifestyle, add shiplap into your design scheme. Joanna Gaines would undoubtedly appreciate its inclusion. Shiplap adds dimension and personality to your home.

Wire Baskets

No farmhouse living room would be complete without at least a couple of wire baskets to add rustic charm and create an authentic farmhouse aesthetic. From holding plants or books to keeping blankets stored away safely, wire baskets add rustic character to your decor while giving it that authentic farmhouse aesthetic.

Add pops of color to your home with linens and wallpaper that feature complementary hues, such as orange and blue. Shades opposite one another on the color wheel create high-contrast and dramatic effects.

Shiplap is an essential element of the farmhouse style, yet the installation of this material can be expensive. An alternative would be beadboard, which offers similar looks and textures at significantly reduced costs.

Farmhouse Clock

Modern farmhouse ideas draw upon an amalgam of clean lines and rustic materials for their appeal, such as this living room created by Nordic House that brings out both trends.

An analogue clock with natural, weathered paint finish is an integral element of farmhouse decor. Its classic style helps create an inviting and cozy ambiance.

Farmhouse living rooms would never be complete without shiplap – the hallmark of farmhouse design. A relatively easy DIY project that can instantly transform a room.