Tips For Choosing the Perfect Home Entertainment Center

Step one in selecting an ideal home entertainment center is taking accurate measurements. Otherwise, purchasing one could leave your living space feeling cramped or block sunlight from coming through its favorite window.

Before buying any additional equipment for your entertainment center, make sure you measure its dimensions. Electronics emit heat so make sure ventilation is taken into consideration before making your purchase.


Home entertainment centers should be selected with care to best complement the size and shape of your TV screen. A cabinet that is too large will take up too much space while one that is too small will appear dwarfed by it.

TV stands and wall units must be at an appropriate height so you can comfortably view them from your couch. Predesigned home entertainment centers often come equipped with fixed base heights that may preclude how high you mount your television screen.

Be mindful that modern electronics work best with plenty of airflow around them; too much stuff in a cabinet can overheat them and shorten their lifespans. A good rule of thumb for TV viewing should be to have two to three inches of breathing room surrounding your TV to ensure its optimal operation; add bookshelves on either side for an asymmetrical look!


Style plays an integral role in how your home theater room appears. There is an array of entertainment center styles available, from traditional TV wall units and built-ins to three-piece pieces that combine TV stands with matching bookshelves on either side for an elegant, symmetrical design that works great in smaller living spaces.

Custom features of a TV entertainment center include adjustable shelves to accommodate various media components and glass curio cabinets with glass doors for displaying memorabilia or photos that will add more individuality and make the piece fit seamlessly into any space. Such personal touches make the piece truly feel tailored specifically for you and add another element that makes the piece truly bespoke to its surroundings.

Paint colors range from timeless white to trendy gray hues, while black entertainment centers can create a strikingly modern statement in a room. Closet Factory designers can help you build one or a built-in entertainment center to be truly your own!


At home or away, everyone loves gathering around a big-screen TV for a movie or game night or watching a favorite series or show. For maximum enjoyment, ensuring there’s enough storage for electronics, media and accessories is key to an optimal experience in these spaces.

Depending upon your style, you may opt to store remotes and accessories in drawers with cord-hiding features, or display knick-knacks on open shelving. Entertainment centers with hutch tops also provide space for you to display memories from the past.

Closet Factory’s designers specialize in creating customized home entertainment centers to fit the exact needs of each space, including identifying electronics such as stereos and televisions and then designing built-in cabinets to house them. Furthermore, they can design an entertainment center to conceal outlets, wiring, and A/C ductwork; creating an area that feels part of your home while remaining functional and visually appealing.


The location of your home entertainment center is equally as essential to its size. Make sure it is located away from any windows or doors opening onto it, and choose a wall that does not share walls with neighboring homes to avoid noise complaints from them.

Once you’ve chosen your location for a home entertainment center, the next step should be incorporating its design into the room’s overall decor. Consider including features like fireplaces, minibars or electric fires to create an ideal atmosphere for watching television and socializing with loved ones.

Customize your home entertainment center further by installing storage designed specifically to hold video game cartridges, Blu-rays and other forms of media. This feature helps keep your collection neatly organized so it’s easy to browse or flip through titles quickly and efficiently. Many home entertainment centers can also hide outlets, cords and wiring for an aesthetically pleasing setup.