iKuddle – Self-Cleaning And Auto-Pack Litter Box

If you have a cat, the iKuddle is a project you might want to seriously back on IndieGoGo. It is not the only self-cleaning litter box on the market but it is one that is gaining popularity. Having one makes it much more interesting and comfortable to be a cat owner.

The iKuddle promises a wonderful experience for both cat owners and cats. It is similar in design to a cat bed with some extra wooden detailing and is completely suitable for the cats that weigh between 4 and 18 pounds.

iKuddle initiates cleaning after the feline gets out of the box and finishes relieving itself. There are built-in sensors detecting the presence of the cat. Cleaning is automatically stopped if sensors are activated. We are talking about a smart cat litter box that manages to separate the waste as it scoops clumps right into a bag that you then throw away. Also, cleaning can be initiated through a button on the litter box or through an app.

Waste is automatically put inside the bag and can easily be sealed in order for smells to be prevented. This is easy for the owner as all that is actually needed is to pull out the bag and then get rid of it, once per week.

This litter box can even automatically replace waste bags. Every single unit comes with thirty waste bags. More can be bought online. You can also take advantage of an included self-deodorizing system. This helps filter out air so there will be zero home litter smell.

The included app also offers cat health statistics. This is obviously based on how the litter box was used.

The iKuddle operates based on a lithium battery that lasts 2 weeks. It can also be plugged right in with a charging cable. Easy maintenance and cleaning is possible since parts can manually be disassembled.

This cat litter box measures 30 x 18.5 x 17.2 inches. It only weighs 22 pounds and can easily be moved. The design features rounded lines and it looks great in most modern living spaces.

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