DUETTO TABLE – Modern Small Table Made Out Of A Square Sheet Of Cut Metal

Duetto Table by Tim Kerp

The DUETTO table takes advantage of all the advancements made in laser technology, creating a wonderful modern table out of a square sheet of metal with a thickness of just 3 mm. It can be used outdoors but you will surely want to consider it for an indoor area.

Tim Kerp is the designer behind the table. The principle is really simple. Out of the metal there is a circle or a square that is cut out. Then, the piece turns into a tabletop. As the shape is cut out, all the rest of the metal will be folded in 2 in order to form the base. There is basically zero material waste.


As expected, tops are welded and protection is offered by the addition of epoxy paint. Do not worry too much about interior design choices since you can choose out of 20 different colors for the DUETTO table. Varnish used is water based.

Duetto Table by Tim Kerp 02 Duetto Table by Tim Kerp near couch Duetto Table by Tim Kerp parts