Important Things To Know About The Midcentury Style

It does not matter if you work as an interior designer or you want to decorate your home on your own. Everything is just a lot better if you have a favorite style. Those that love graphic patterns, iconic furniture and clean lines might be attracted by midcentury modern style. Here are some things you should know about this really exquisite style.

Defining Midcentury Style

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The roots of the midcentury style are right in the middle of the twentieth century, ranging between around 1940 and 1970. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy it even in modern times. The emphasis is put on really strong shapes, graphic arts and clean lines. Basically, the midcentury style is a clear nod to the past and it does maintain modern relevance.


Basically, midcentury style is:

  • Organic – Egg-like shapes and smooth curves end up inspired by nature.
  • Graphic – Shapes and patterns are now inspired by typography and graphic arts, while incorporating bold lines and geometric shapes.
  • Simple – Uncluttered, open and clean, a perfect design for those looking for proper flow and something simplified.

Midcentury interior style is not trendy, cluttered or ornamented.

Important Element In Midcentury Style – Natural Wood

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Natural wood is very important in midcentury style. It offers a warming and grounding element to the space. Consider wood floors, wall paneling or furniture with natural wood.

Important Element In Midcentury Style – Color

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Color is very important in spaces featuring midcentury modern style. Such rooms are drawing inspiration from midcentury designers’ color palettes. Some options to consider are warm yellow, aqua blue and tomato red as muted brights. They can be combined with natural wood and palate-cleansing white. Such hues instantly add personality and the space does not end up being overwhelming.

Some of the shades you want to consider in midcentury modern spaces include:

  • Neutrals – Walnut, taupe, oatmeal and white.
  • Muted Brights – Warm yellow, chartreuse, teal, tomato red and aqua blue.
  • Pastels – Light rose, pale mint and misty blue.

Important Element In Midcentury Style – Iconic Designs

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Many do not know this but classic pieces that are designed by some important midcentury greats are now still produced, including Ray Eames, Charles, George Nelson and Eero Saarinen. Try to add some iconic pieces to make everything scream out as soon as a person enters the room.

Add Finishing Touches With A Simple Pop Of Color

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One of the best parts of midcentury modern design style is the color pop. It is also something that is really fun to think about since it appears in the use of accessories. You want to add finishing touches and the best thing that you can do is to focus on less is more. Be sure that you carefully choose what to use and display them with complete confidence.

Some examples of accents that you can add in midcentury modern rooms include:

  • Rugs that have graphic patterns.
  • Sculptural pottery.
  • Midcentury-style typography and illustrations.
  • Plants that are featured in plant stands with a midcentury modern design.
  • Pendant lights that make a statement.
  • Grasscloth wallcovering or wallpaper.

Do you like midcentury style? If so, let us know about the perfect space in this style that you really like in a comment below.

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