London Infinity Pool On The Top Of A Skyscraper

Some weeks ago news appeared that there was going to be an infinity pool added to a skyscraper in London. Now, the firm behind the project, Compass Pools, showed the very first images of this incredible infinity pool that will sit in the middle of the city, right at the top of a building of 55 storeys.


In the infinity pool there will be 600,000 liters of water. The views will show the entire city skyline. We are faced with a totally futuristic pool that will have transparent walls and will only be for those that are really courageous. It will be on the top of an incredible 5-star hotel.

We are talking about a highly ambitious architectural project that does combine technology and design. This project will start to be built in the year 2020. We still do not know how people will actually get in the pool after the images but they are really impressive.