Increase Home Value With These Great Tips

10 tips to increase home value

Most people think about resale value when they design their home. This is normal since few actually design the house of their dreams. The home is almost always the largest asset someone has so upgrades need to take into account the financial aspect, not just aesthetics. If you want to make the home stand out and increase its value, here are some very effective tips you should remember.


Eliminate Square Footage From The Mix

You should always try to make the space feel as if it is larger than its actual size. This is what should dictate furniture placing and choice. Actual square footage does have a direct impact on sales price but perception is always much more important. When you manage to make the room feel really spacious, buyers are attracted by the house’s potential.

You Do Not Only Need New Items

old setee

In so many cases, keeping the traditional elements of a home is a very good idea. You simply cannot please all the potential buyers so you should not select a single trend or style. Try to stay honest to the roots of the home and you will see this paid in dividends.

Add Custom Closets To The Master Bedroom

Custom luxury closet
Image From: Closet Works

It does not matter what home you live in since a functional, large walk-in closet is surely going to add a lot of value. This is a luxury that potential buyers love. You will have to conduct good research since costs do vary widely when you install the custom closet. However, finding the affordable solution with a true high-end appearance is much simpler than you might think when proper research is done.

The Kitchen Is Vital For Home Value

When you spend money on the home, the best investment you can make is always in your kitchen. You can be a passionate cook or order takeout every single day. No matter the case, the kitchen is a room that is used for eating, cooking, storage and drinking. You can make some minor upgrades and end up with higher home value. For instance, changing light fixtures is highly appreciated.

Add More Storage

under stairs storage
Under Stairs Storage From Avar Furniture

Whenever talking about home storage, the truth is that the more you can add, the better. You can never have too much storage in a home. Ample storage should be provided for many purposes. As an example, the area under stairs is great for some pullout storage for the taller items, like the ladders.

The Fresh Coat Of Paint

Image from Flickr user Forest Service Northern Region

One of the most cost-effective things you can do if you want to freshen up a room is to paint it. The freshly painted rooms always feel crisp, clean and updated. The best thing about it is that you do not end up spending a fortune to paint your room. As you select paint colors, make sure that you avoid those that are too bold. Neutrals are normally much better for a home you want to sell.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

There are many different costs that are associated with buying a new home. Most homeowners just think about the sale price but you also have to think about moving fees, closing costs and future energy bills. If you offer energy-efficient options, the potential buyers will be much more interested. You can choose some small energy-efficient upgrades like LED lightbulbs or you can go for the larger upgrades, like the installation of solar panels.

Bathroom Updates

Only kitchen updates are more valuable when you want to eventually sell the home than bathroom upgrades. Bathrooms are normally small spaces so even small upgrades will be worth it. For instance, you can always replace the outdated bathroom vanities, update the hardware or change light fixtures with more energy-efficient options.

Hire A Professional Organizer

The help of the professional organizer should never be underestimated since you would end up with something that is really valuable for any potential buyer: a home that is clutter-free. You will spend money as you hire the pro but you end up with a home that is highly organized and feels much more manageable and larger.

Remember that for the first-time buyers, buying the first home is really stressful. Even if it is subconscious, when the home they see is well-organized, stress is lessened.

Adding Curb Appeal

Last but not least, you have to realize the fact that first impressions always count. It is very important to keep the entrance, especially the front yard, as tidy as possible. Do all updates that are needed and water the plants as they should be. You will never make a really good impression if there are cracked exterior walls or there is peeling paint visible. Add some low-maintenance plants and do all that is needed to impress the potential buyer even before the enter the home.