4 Tips To Make Your Dark Home Office Feel Larger

Moving into a brand new apartment is always a dreamy experience. You most likely love the living room, kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom. You might even have a great patio. Space stands out perfect but when you take a closer look, you figure out the fact that your office has no windows, is small and is just like a closet.


Those that work at home and only have access to a dark room that is small know how difficult it is to get work done. If this is your case, here are some tips that are going to help you feel a lot better there.

Strategically Light The Dark Room

Any room appears a lot brighter when using artificial light instead of natural light. However, the type of lighting used and the way in which it is used does matter a lot.

Make sure that light is spread around a room by adding lamps in every single corner. Alternatively, you can line space where your ceiling and wall meet with the use of string lights. If the edges of a room are lightened up, the space instantly appears to be wider than it is.

Try to avoid using just one light in the middle of a room. When you do this, there is a pool of light that is cast right into the floor’s middle. The space ends up appearing closed-in and a lot darker than it actually is.

When there is some height that you can use, hang some long pendant lights right from the ceiling. This makes people look up and puts an emphasis on room height.

Use A Light Color Scheme

Using an airy, light color scheme will make the room feel larger. If you use darker colors, light is absorbed so the room feels as if it is closing in. Brighter colors reflect the incoming lights so they open up the room. You do not need to have a white room. Off-whites that are paired with some pastel accents are more than enough.

Use Mind Tricks

Optical illusions can be really useful in a small, dark room. You can accent the walls with the use of mirrors and some older window panes. You need to experiment with how many wall accents are used in the small room. If there are too many, walls end up looking smaller. However, if you strategically place a large mirror, the eye is tricked into thinking the room is twice its actual size.

You can also place empty picture frames or old window panes on your walls. This tricks the eye into thinking that you see a window. At first thought, this seems to be silly. However, it is a really comforting touch that does do wonders.

Use A Single Flooring Type

It is always tempting to add a really chic area rug to the room or to add various floor accents. However, when you add something to the floor of a size that is smaller than square footage, the space is broken up and ends up looking smaller. Floors should be “au naturale” for the best possible results. Sleek hardwood is recommended since it does look great in your office. Carpeting can also look great, as long as it covers the entire room.