Indigo-Dyed Wood Furniture By Crème

A Brooklyn studio, Crème, created a really interesting wooden furniture line for Stellar Works. They used a traditional Chinese set of dying techniques to celebrate the Chinese brand’s Exchange Collection. This collection actually uses special dye from Guizhou, a village located in the south of China. The Exchange Collection was featured at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and is a limited edition.

Traditional techniques have been used in order to tint the wood in 3 blue shades, with a bonus half-colored version. This collection includes 3 chairs that each feature a different shade of blue. There is also added copper support with the purpose of offsetting this blue hue wood.


Natural indigo dye producers in Guizhou were contacted. This dye is organically grown and locally harvested in Guizhou before it is applied with the use of specific hand-dyeing techniques. According to Stellar Works CEO, Yuichiro Hori:

“The development of the special-edition indigo chair has been a very rewarding process as it captures the essence of Chinese craft heritage and handmade production processes within a contemporary piece of furniture. “

In the collection you can also find a dining table and a high back chair. This collection did receive the best collection award in ICFF’s Editor’s Awards.