Modern House Design Featuring A Wraparound Swimming Pool

Luigi Rosselli Architects is responsible for this really interesting project named The Pool House. It is found in Randwick NSW. Just as the name implies, this house features a lovely wraparound swimming pool that you will adore. The initial project was a 1910 cottage that was modified through a 2 story addition. Water was chosen to surround it in order to help tie 2 structures and make them as one.

There are so many interesting elements that can be mentioned about the Pool House. The veranda for instance, is right in front and was extended in order to cover parking area suitable for 2 regular sized vehicles. Street presence becomes available and proportions are balanced out.

The initial extension was very well-done, with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that feature motorized sliding screens. This offers sun protection and privacy.

Obviously, the most important feature that is present is that wraparound swimming pool but the interior is also very interesting. As you can see from the images below, everything is modern and carefully chosen. Most of the additions are simple and we particularly loved the mirror in the bathroom and the whole kitchen. The playful living area is also great to add some humane balance to areas that could be seen as cold.