Interior Designer Remodelling Apartment With Numerous Vintage Finds

Interior designer Michelle Gage put together a very interesting remodel project that saw her own home as the test subject. Together with husband Alex the couple drastically changed their Havertown home that they lived in for 3 years, a home that is simply huge (2,000 square feet) but that was, according to Michelle, hideous.

Michelle said:

“The floors were dirty and sticky. The appliances appeared to be original to the house. The counter tops were held together with tape. However, the most hated feature in this space had to be the tan rubber baseboard. It was a breeding ground for grime and gunk.”

And this was just the kitchen. You can only imagine the rest of the home. With such a dire starting point, the result is one that is quite stunning, although it surely took a lot of time.


The couple did everything themselves, making this remodel project a huge DIY fight. That is because the budget was really low, with most of it going down as the initial payment to buy the home. It thus took years to finish but we can only see the results as being phenomenal, with contemporary designs blending with vintage.

In the beginning the home had a strong eighties vibe but now it can clearly be designed as modern, with original architecture influences. Flea markets served as the inspiration and various vintage finds were added to complement the interior design of every single room. Enjoy the pictures as much as we did: