15 Very Simple Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen

Today I`m going to give you some smart ways of organizing your kitchen. By taking these ideas into consideration you will see that your kitchen will be more organized and cleaner.

Lazy Susan

An easy to clean lazy Susan will be a great idea to keep all of your sticky foods in one place.

Space for cookbooks

As long as the books aren`t exposed to heat, humidity and grease, you can keep them in the kitchen. If you have an open shelve, you can keep all of your cooking books there.


Starting to hang everything in your kitchen is another great idea when it comes to organizing things in your kitchen. The only thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to hanging your things is to keep them away from the stove in order to avoid accidents.

Store items by use

Keep your day to day dishes on a lower shelf and put the special-occasion dishes above. If you do this, it will be easier for you to reach the dishes you need on a daily basis.

Group similar objects

Just group your objects by shape and even by purpose. Add different dishes to specific cabinets.

Cooking Zone

It is a nice idea to create a cooking zone around the stove. You can make a special place where you can add pans and pots. This space should be as close range as you can.

Stash similar items together

You can keep your wrapping and plastic bags near your fridge. Every time you will need to wrap a food, you will find all you need there.

Plastic containers

You can put all of your plastic containers together in a drawer. If you do so, you will know where to look for and you will be more organized.

Contain lids

You can have a special rack for the lids. Just install one in a drawer so every time you are looking for a specific lid, you will know where to find it.

Shelf organizers

The shelf organizers are a great idea for your house. You can buy some of these organizers in order to make all of your dishes easy to access.

Drawer divider

This is a really good idea in order to organize your cutlery. If you use this solution you won`t have any problem in organizing your drawers.

Use all of your space

Under the cabinets space can also be organized and well utilized for different things. For example, you can add a dish-towel rod there.

Use the color code

It is a great thing to see a kitchen organized by the color. You should take use of this tip because besides the fact that you will organize your dishes, they will double as artwork.


You can use them so that your shelves won`t look cluttered by all of the stashing items.

Categorize food

Organize your food items as your library. Group all of your food items by category.