Kitchen Staging Ideas Professionals Use

Kitchen Staging Ideas You Will Love

Whenever thinking about home anatomy, we can safely say that the heart is the kitchen. This is where you spend time to make meals, you entertain your friends and you spend the lazy weekend mornings doing whatever you like. This is why you want to create a kitchen space that is balanced in term of functionality and warmth.


The staging ideas that are presented below for the kitchen are wonderful for both organizing your room and make potential buyers more interested. Although the home might not be on the market right now, the styling rules help create a wonderful entertaining space. Many of these are very cheap or completely free.

Declutter The Kitchen

One of the really important things that have to be taken into account when you arrange items in a kitchen is how much clutter is present. The best ones are always clutter-free. You basically want to have a space that is cohesive-looking and fresh.

The buyer wants a clean, fresh space that is not to personalized. Basically, at any point in time, you want the kitchen to look as if you could simply walk in and start cooking.

The big problem with kitchens is that collections start to grow. As this happens, it easily gets out of control and the entire space looks totally different than a complete functional kitchen. It is simply too crowded. This is definitely not aspirational.

It should be added that when you want to stage the home for a sale, having crowded countertops always sends the wrong message. The potential buyer thinks that not enough storage is present.

Simply do not shove absolutely everything you can in the kitchen.

Add Plants And Herbs

It is always a very good idea to bring the outdoors in. A great thing to do is to add some fresh herbs to the kitchen windowsill whenever there is enough space available.

When your desire is to stage so that you can sell, a herb that does wonders is pesto. In fact, you can add many, including these eight.

Add Fruit Bowls

A bowl filled with fresh fruit is always something that works wonders but an even better idea is to add a bowl that only has one fruit type in it. For instance, add a bowl with apples, oranges or lemons. It is really important that the fruits are fresh though. Faux fruit might be preferred by many but not a good idea when staging a kitchen.

Use An Accent Color

Most kitchens out there feature numerous hard surfaces and neutral colors. It is definitely a good idea to add texture and color, according to most interior designers.

If the kitchen is neutral, choose an accent color by simply picking one from the other rooms. Use that color for pot holders, kitchen towels or accessories.

Colors and patterns can also be added with rugs and runners. You can even go for wooden dough bowls or wood bread boards when you add some extra warmth and texture.

Remove Some Chairs

If you have 4 stools close to your kitchen countertop, simply remove two. There is a really good possibility that this would look a lot better. Simply go for half the number of chairs. This makes the entire eating area seem to be much larger than it actually is.

Replace Light Fixtures And Cabinetry Hardware

A really cheap update that will offer great ROI is updating lighting fixtures and cabinetry hardware. Something as simple as adding knobs or cabinet pulls can easily change the look of cabinetry. Also, replace light fixtures since they are cheap.

Staging a kitchen is not at all difficult when you keep it simple and you think about how a potential buyer would see the room.