Learning How To Care For And Clean Leather Furniture

If you are looking for a more durable and low maintenance surface, than leather is your way to go. It is really simple to keep your chair, ottoman or leather sofa clean if you follow some steps. Different types of leather have different methods of cleaning and you should take this thing in consideration when you decide to clean your leather furniture.

I am going to show you how to identity, maintain and clean your leather so that it will always look great.

In order to find out what type of leather you have, you should check the label that came with your furniture came with it. If you don`t have any clues of what type of leather you have, here are some indications.

There are two types of leather:

  • Unprotected leather
  • Protected leather


Unprotected leather

The unprotected one has a luxurious feel. The leather is dyed with aniline dye but hasn`t got any surface pigment color added. It hasn`t got any dirt resistant treatment. You may see some natural grains and markings on the leather which can easily develop into a patina. Aniline leather is more sensitive to staining than the protected leather, so you should keep that in mind when purchasing it. The pull-up leather is injected with oils and waxes.

Protected leather

The protected leather is quite common and most of the leather furniture is made with protected and finished leather. These leathers are labeled semianiline or pigmented leather. This one is more durable and may have a stiffer feel.

Cleaning tips

When it comes to cleaning, you should skip the home potions. Avoid DIY remedies because they only do harm to the leather. The homemade solutions using vinegar and mayonnaise are best for salads and not for leather. Experts say that their clients harm their leather furniture by applying home-made potions like hair products. Don`t apply anything that is not endorsed by the tanneries.

You can choose from these cleaning materials:

  • Distilled water
  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment
  • Soft white microfiber cloths
  • Liquid soap with mid-PH such as Dove or a leather cleaner
  • Commercial leather conditioner

Some unprotected leather furniture makers recommend the costumers to do nothing more than dusting to their furniture. They can do that with a cry cloth and with a vacuum using the brush attachment. Other experts say that in order to keep the furniture clean, you should wipe the surface with a cloth dipped in distilled water. You should pay big attention in cleaning this furniture so you won`t have to deal with any staining or scratching.

If you want to clean a protected leather furniture than this is an easier job because this type of leather will stand up to heavier use. You shouldn`t use alkalies or ammonia products because they can damage leather. You can use the brush attachment in order to remove dirt. With a solution made of soap in distilled water, you can wipe the furniture from top to bottom.