Lubelso Pre-Fabricated Luxury Concept House

Every single person in the world wants to look in a stunning home, in their very own dream home. The problem is that there is this belief that luxury comes with a steep price tag. While that is normally the case, with a little bit of research, you may come across something like the work of these Australian designers and architects reunited under the Canny design and build studio, through their Lubelso luxury concept houses.

Lubelso was basically created in order to offer something new and this last design presented, labeled as Robinson Concept Home, is similar to their past model, Spring In Malvern, which was heavily recommended all around the internet while winning 3 major awards. Now, Robinson concept home was built and designed with a really low budget, making it truly special.

Robinson Concept Home

As you can so easily notice from the images below, Canny managed to create something that is truly elegant, bright and contemporary in a pre-fabricated home design, which is so fresh and exciting to notice. The truth is that all the contemporary designs for residential homes offered by the Lubelso brand are stunning, all highlighted by their statement:

We’ve used luxury fittings and fixtures, including European appliances, 3m high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and natural stone benchtops all complimented by a neutral colour scheme.

Robinson Concept Home 03 Robinson Concept Home 04 Robinson Concept Home 06 Robinson Concept Home 07 Robinson Concept Home 08 Robinson Concept Home 09