How To Make Adding Color To Your Space Easier

If you are afraid of using colors in your house you shouldn`t be because it is easy to add colors. The first tip you should take use of is to use the 60-30-10 Rule. If you don`t know what this rule is about, I am going to give you some information regarding it. First of all, when it comes to decorating rooms, a lot of designers tend to divide the colors that they use into percentages:

  • 60% dominant color
  • 30% the secondary one
  • 10% the accent color


Just think of a man`s business suit as a comparison. Usually you will have:

  • 60% of the outfit is the dominant color represented by the slacks and jacket
  • 30% is the shirt
  • 10% is the tie that the man wears

Translated to a room this means that the colors are like this:

  • 60% the walls
  • 30% the upholstery
  • 10% is the floral arrangement or an accent piece

When you want to add color to your room, you will need to choose a scheme. Just use a color wheel and think of all of your choices. You can choose from both:

  • Complementary Color Scheme
  • Analogous Color Scheme

Complementary Color Scheme

This one use the complementary colors, which means that you will need to combine the opposite colors of the color scheme. You can go with green and red, or even orange and purple. You can also choose yellow and blue. These rooms use to provide the best separation of colors. You will need to use this scheme in more formal areas of your home. You can choose this scheme in your living room or even in your dining room.

Analogous Color Scheme

This scheme follows the color wheel, but in this case you will need to combine colors that are close to each other. You can choose different combinations such as blue and violet, orange and red, or even green and yellow. These rooms are great for your relaxation and you can choose to add this color scheme to rooms such as the child`s room or your own bedroom.

Go with black

Black is also a great choice and you shouldn`t forget it. If you add a black element to your room such as a lampshade, a black box or even a picture frame, you will manage to enhance all of the other colors in the space.

Follow nature

You can design your interior by following the outside world. The homes are usually considered to mimic the outside world and you should take this into consideration because Mother Nature is a great colorist. You can easily go with darker colors for the floor and medium ones for the walls. You can paint the ceiling like the sky. If you follow these rules you will make a design that will look good every time.

Flow the Color

You can flow colors from a room to other rooms. If you have a green lamp, you can use the same green for a sofa.