Minimalistic Seating Solution – EQUILIBRIUM

Lena Holzer and Maria Dal Canto created EQUILIBRIUM, a project that includes 3 objects we often see in outdoor environments in parks and gardens – picnic tables, benches and the lovely loungers you see in almost all images. The design of every element is different but what is special is that the furniture is joined with a minimalist approach.

What is particularly interesting is that you will need to cooperate with someone else when you want to sit down. This is why the word equilibrium was chosen. In this collection you find a bench, a lounge and a table, all with iron frames and this need of cooperation when sitting or getting up.


If nobody uses the furniture rope remains slack. You then end up playing as you want to do something as simple as sitting. When you sit alone you will be really uncomfortable or you will fall since more rope is added than needed for one person. When 2 people will sit rope will be shared. You balance out comfort.

Obviously, if you really want to sit alone you can untie knots and then tighten up the rope.