Mother Pavilion by Studio Morison

The Mother Pavilion is practically art that was done by artists Ivan and Heather Morison from Studio Morison. It aims to engage connections between mental health and the natural world, being work inspired by “Nature Cure”, a book by Richard Mabey. In the book, the writer recovers from depression by walking, writing about the unexplored and beautiful landscapes of the East and watching what happens around him.

The Pavilion was done after being commissioned by the Wysing Arts Center for their New Geographies programme, which tries to bring modern, contemporary art to England areas that are unexpected. All the locations chosen for artworks were chosen by people. With Mother, the suggestion was “sublime peaty landscape.”

This interesting structure references the local materials and traditions, all while taking into account the landscape around it. The hayricks that were once seen all around the countryside were interpreted. Timber came from the forest of the artists and then milled at their own workshops. Then, the roof and walls were made out of local straw. The traditional thatching style in the area was then utilized.

Photographs by: Charles Emerson