Cat Bed Inspired By David Bowie

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at this David Bowie inspired cat bed is that it rocks. Leaving aside the bad pun that most likely nobody will get, one thing many do not know is that Bowie actually loved cats. This is why this cat bed is actually a very interesting thing to have, given the singer’s affinity to the pets.

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The bed you see here is named Cat Cave and is available on Etsy for around $110. Its exterior has the shape of a feline head (ears included) and features the red and blue lightning every fan knows. If you have a music-themed room in your home, this is definitely a cat bed that would look great. It even has a minimalist design and very subtle colors.

The bed is made out of natural wool. You can let the pet sleep in it, including a dog, as long as the animal is small.

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The Cat Cave was designed by Agne Audejiene, artist in Lithuania. He declared that the piece can be bought in gray or white. However, if you want a different color, a request can be made. You can also buy one in a different size so that the largest cats can be accommodated.

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