Overlap – The Cocoon-Style Pendant Lamp

Overlap cocoon-style pendant lamp

FLOS definitely did great work with Overlap, which is an interesting, innovative pendant lamp. Michael Anastassiades is responsible for the design and his work practically added a modern twist to the wrapping technique that FLOS uses.


Overlap is a light that is made from 2 steel rings that are interlocking. This offers a special appearance, making it seem like rings try to go through the membrane of the cocoon. Simply put, these lamps seem mysterious as the steel shape is hidden in the material that can only be described as being cloud-like.

The material used for the cocoon was actually used to protect the packages of the US Army in the past. It was the work of the Castiglioni brothers and Tobia Scarpa that led to the creation of lamps. FLOS appeared in the year 1962, thanks to these experiments. The company instantly stood out because of truly iconic lamp designs. Overlap is created with the use of the technique that FLOS originally used, a technique that was proven to be of a very high quality.

The cocoon lamp created by Anastassiades includes 2 layers. The first layer is thick and the second one is thin. The resulting classic look appeared as steel frames are spinning on a base and the silkworm-inspired material is applied with the use of a spray gun.

When the process is over, transparent paint is added to offer shine, creating the image of a cocoon. This pendant lamp instantly looks contemporary and offers a dispersed, warm light, one that can be dimmed when you want it to.

Overlap is available in small and large sizes.