Creative Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Cabinets and closets may be standard storage solutions, but that doesn’t have to be the only way you organize small bathrooms. Furniture that doubles as decor can help keep essentials organized and within easy reach.

Emily Henderson Design has made this bathroom space more functional by repurposing an antique rattan bar cart to store towels and supplies while adding a stacked towel bar with hooks to hang additional washcloths or robes.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Small bathrooms require plenty of storage to stay neat, yet finding an efficient storage solution can be tricky with limited floor space available to work with. Luckily, there are creative storage solutions designed specifically to make the most of a small space.

Wall-mounted cabinets offer extra storage while remaining easily within reach. Choose a slim model that doesn’t overwhelm your small bathroom and fill it with organizing accessories like magnet boards, shelves or hooks for maximum efficiency.

Repurpose an old bar cart as a mobile bathroom storage cabinet by replacing its glassware with baskets designed to store towels, washcloths, shampoo bottles and other bathroom necessities.

Over-The-Door Organizers

Utilize vertical space for an attractive solution to bathroom clutter. Hang a door organizer over the toilet or in your linen closet to store towels and other necessities without taking up floor space. There are various models with pockets, hooks and racks so you can tailor storage specifically to your needs.

If you prefer wall-mounted organizers without holes, look for something like this with two large pockets ideal for holding tissue and extra toilet paper. Plus, its three variants of white and wood allow you to find one that complements your bathroom decor scheme!

Switch out a drawer under your sink with this pullout cabinet that holds makeup, brushes, hair-styling tools and other bathroom essentials – when not in use it’s stored away neatly against the wall!

Under-Sink Organizers

No matter the size or layout of your bathroom, there are creative storage solutions to keep it tidy and organized. From hanging baskets that double as wall decor to modern cabinets with concealed storage spaces, these products can help organize toiletries and bath supplies while simultaneously clearing away clutter from countertops.

Utilize stackable drawers to maximize space under your sink and make it easier for you to access items you use frequently, like cotton swabs and skincare products. Look for models with clear interiors so that it is easy to spot what you need without opening or closing drawers.

Floating Shelves

If your bathroom doesn’t feature a linen closet or spacious cabinets, use wall-mounted racks and shelving units with cubbies to organize towels and washcloths. Miniature towel rods hung under a floating shelf can store hand towels and washcloths while repurposed glass kitchen jars can house soaps, sponges and bath salts above the tub.

Build floating shelves yourself for an economical DIY option! Trace where your brackets should go with a pencil, mark them out using a stud finder, then mark and drill holes with a drill bit using an appropriate bit size. Simply slip in shelves via their pre-drilled brackets onto hardware, secure to the wall using screws.

One option for easy storage of items like tweezers, nail clippers and extra bobby pins in a narrow bathroom from Clean and Scentsible is leaning a ladder against the wall with wire baskets hanging off its rungs – as seen here from Clean and Scentsible.

Mason Jar Organizers

Like closets, bathrooms often lack built-in cabinets to store toiletries, extra rolls of toilet paper and other necessary supplies. With creative bathroom storage solutions you can keep all your essentials organized without taking up valuable square footage or sacrificing style.

If your bathroom features walls, consider hanging organizers that can store towels and other essentials. A white cart like that used by Julie Rose of Emily Henderson Designs stores towels at its base while featuring two tiers to store everything from soap bars to cotton balls.

Hang a simple shelf above the toilet to store items and display decor. Kate Marker Interiors recommends selecting a white shelf with brass gallery rail, which complements the warm fixtures in this bathroom.