Prefab House Conserves Energy By Collecting Weather Data

NOEM has so many prefab experts on staff and that is highly visible in Serra D’Espada, a countryside retreat that is the definition of hi-tech.

The home you see here is the work of a design team led by Aitur Iturralde Martin and the goal was to create a contemporary and clean look that would be different than the brick and concrete houses that are seen in the region. The result? A house that is simple, features a 2 modules configuration and has a focal point in the bold metal structure and the terrace.

Prefab House Conserves Energy 04

Believe it or not, this home took just TEN days to assemble.


The house’s insulation is made from sheep wool, wood fiber and cotton (recycled). The insulation is special as it helps a lot in making the home sustainable. Then, we have various different green features, including a really interesting heat recovery ventilation system.

Getting back to the title, the prefab home is really interesting as it includes various control systems that automate energy consumptions. Actuators and sensors will analyze and monitor the weather, thus offering more comfort and energy efficiency. This includes analyzing air quality, sunlight, energy consumption and humidity.

Prefab House Conserves Energy 02

Prefab House Conserves Energy 03