Promised Land Home by Bates Masi Architects

The story behind this Promised Land home built by Bates Masi Architects is the one thing that instantly stands out. The family of the owners loves activities like kite boarding, sailing and wind surfing. Because of this the 4135 square feet property had to be designed featuring different clues related to environmental conditions associated with the water sports enjoyed. Weather data research was thus used to figure out that wind comes from the West side, leading to a specific architectural organization.

The home has 2 wings with a circulation bridge connecting them. Wind can flow freely as the family can easily open the area completely. Right along the home there is a lovely reflecting pool and while sun rotates it will bounce off and creates a great atmosphere.

Exposed glulam wood beams oriented from the east to the west make up a big part of the structural system, with great looking venting panels being put between them. Steel flitch plates are responsible for the voids necessary for adding light features. At the end we end up with an interesting holistic system that looks great and offers the needed functionality.

Wind is actively used so the entire landscape plays a role in the home’s experience. Aromatic plants like mint and lavender were added. At the end we have a great looking property with a really nice story.

We particularly loved the kitchen and the swimming pool. Let us know what you liked from the pictures below in the comment section.