Beautiful Taiwan Pharmacy

When you walk into a pharmacy you do not necessarily expect great design or even some sort of theme that is respected. That is why you would definitely be surprised when you walk into this one in Taiwan. We are talking about Molecure Pharmacy, with a stunning look that is the work of Waterfrom Design.

The owner is not a large pharmacy chain. He is a pharmacist that comes from a pharmacist family that wanted to come up with something that is new. The design did manage to achieve exactly that. We are looking at pure design that is highly focused on open spaces and geometry. Even the way in which the bottles are arranged is interesting, with a main point of focus put on the lovely stairway you see in the images below.

While this is definitely not something that would work with the large chain pharmacies (although nobody ever knows), it is a great way to attract buyers and increase the brand associated with a family business.