Raj Villa In An Unexpected Location – CSD Office, Iran

In Kish, Iran, you can find this really interesting villa with an area of 252 square meters by lead architects Ali Rahi and Iman Memar from CSD Office. This is basically a ranch house that has to respect specific quantitative and qualitative special needs based on employer architectural taste and lifestyle. The employer was particularly picky and had a clear dissatisfaction with various internal spaces he had to deal with and to make matters even worse, he did want to comply with internal architecture privacy standards across the whole building.

There are various dominant regional regulations and rules that have to be respected. We also have employer requirements, which basically were traditional Iranian architecture compliance, a modern building and indoor space applicability, and compatibility with regional climate. The main design idea of this villa was basically focused around removing project challenges.


Different things were done in order to deal with the project requirements. When looking at the urbanization regulations, the building ended up developing sloping roofs. When the client needs were analyzed, the solution was to develop specific private and public spaces. In the façade design we also ended up with 2 simple volumes that were combined for a modern façade result.

When looking at the building’s outdoor façade we see close street proximity so it was possible that people would see from the outside in without a problems. Wooden louvers were used in the past in traditional Iran regions so this was combined with a special brick structure that also acts as a focal point.

Shenashir is the name of the wooden louver that is present in traditional Iran. Adding it helped create the perfect balance between traditional and modern design. Shenashirs are actually really great as they stop intense sunlight from entering indoor spaces while also casting shadows through pop-up windows.

On the whole, this is a great villa that we absolutely adore. Check out the images below by Mohammad Hasan Ettefagh and we are sure you will love it too.