DMG Residence for Reinach Mendonca Arquitetos Associados in Brazil

DMG Residence

This really cozy residence by Reinach Mendonca Arquitetos Associados (RMAA) was built for a young couple with 2 children and covers 9601.41 square feet, located in Braganca Paulista, Brazil. The DMG Residence is a modern home for a family that has many friends, with the owners wanting simplicity and beauty.


The structure of the DMG Residence is concrete. Then, we have aluminum frames and metallic awning. Ground is largely uneven. Initially, it was a problem but then, a pool was placed at half-level under the leisure and social area. This was a great solution that established a level of transition between the land and the house. The gap resolved the problem of having a residence for the caretaker as it was placed at a lower level, offering independence and privacy.

DMG Residence has a layout characterized by different social spaces. They are interconnected by one space that offers a lot of transparency.

The porch features a metal frame and wooden lining as it floats above concrete slab levels. Ventilation is free and there are even some photovoltaic panels that were added to give some short term installations.

DMG Residence is located inside a gated community. It is meant to be enjoyed mostly during weekends for leisure purposes. The owners wanted to make the most possible of the countryside and the views, which are very beautiful. At the same time, they wanted interconnected social environments at the ground floor. RMAA definitely made that happen.

The guest suites are on the ground floor. They are accessible but are connected from the outside. This is possible through a patio/garden, together with a balcony. 3 exclusive dormitories are placed at the upper level, all along a terrace facing the beautiful landscape.

Photographs by: Nelson Kon